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This blog will show you how to implement read-only and disabled switch widgets in Oracle APEX.  Unlike other page items, the switch widget is more tricky because it transforms when it is read-only and has a built-in validation that can be frustrating to work with.


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1.)  Read-Only Set to Always

    • Transforms from the default switch widget to text that reads “On” or “Off”
    • Not the most user-friendly
    • Not the most intuitive because the default values are “Y” and “N”
    • This will throw an error on page submit unless you change the page item settings for the switch widget

2.)  Dynamic Action – Disabled

    • The switch widget displays as normal, but it is grayed out
    • Disabled items cannot hold a value in session state
    • This will throw an error on page submit

The Best Solution – Dynamic Action JavaScript

  • The widget looks disabled, but still holds a value in session state
  • There are no errors on page submit
  • Create a Dynamic Action on Page Load and use this JavaScript:


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