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Here at Traust, we’re passionate about Oracle APEX — #orclapex for those in the know — and consistently use it to build enterprise web applications for our clients. Whenever we discover new APEX tips and tricks, we love sharing them with the rest of the community.

two software developers working reviewing software testsBusinessTechnical
October 6, 2022

6 Types of Tests All Business Software Must Pass

Most of us realize that testing is vital to the software development process. You have to make sure the thing works, right? But what many don’t realize is that software…
Screenshot showing Scatter chart type selected in Oracle APEX dropdown menuAPEXTechnical
August 25, 2022

How to Add Charts in Oracle APEX

In this demo, software developer Stephen Piper shows you how to create charts using the built-in chart functionality in Oracle APEX.
Logo for ODTUG KSCOPE 2022 in Grapevine, TXAPEXFood for thoughtOracle
August 11, 2022

Key Takeaways from ODTUG Kscope 2022

Members of the Traust team enthusiastically attended ODTUG Kscope 2022 held June 19–23 in Grapevine, TX — the first one to be hosted in-person since 2019. ODTUG Kscope bills itself…
Copyright notice stampAPEXOracleTechnical
May 19, 2022

Creating a Dynamic Copyright Notice in Public-Facing APEX Applications

Most websites and web-based applications are built on original intellectual property that needs to be protected using a copyright notice. Over at, Chris Love has created a nice explainer…
January 13, 2022

A printer friendly template for the APEX Universal Theme

The printer_friendly output of multi-page reports in the APEX Universal Theme can be reactivated with a custom page template, a menu entry, and by printing with a jQuery plugin. These…
Businessman uses Oracle EBS software with IE11BusinessIT SecurityOracle
June 10, 2021

What the Death of Internet Explorer Means for Oracle E-Business Suite Users

On May 19, Microsoft announced that it would be ending support for Internet Explorer (IE) 11 starting in June 2022. This move is a long time coming. In 2015, Microsoft…
May 13, 2021

Producing a Report from a Colon Delimited List in Oracle APEX

Being a data-driven company means dealing with, well, data. But it's not enough to just have the data — you also have to be able to use it effectively. This…
Oracle APEX interview with Jackie McIlroyAPEXCommunityGuest ContributorInterviews
April 12, 2021

Interview with Jackie McIlroy, APEX Boss

Our next guest appearance from the Oracle APEX world is Jackie McIlroy, Director of Product and Client Services at United Codes and APEX content chair for ODTUG’s KSCOPE event. It is…
April 5, 2021

Setting the Value of a Popup LOV Page Item via IG

This blog will teach you about how to set the value of Popup LOV page item with an Interactive Grid Dynamic Action in Oracle APEX Many times we wish to…
March 16, 2021

Read-Only/Disable Switch Widgets in Oracle APEX

This blog will show you how to implement read-only and disabled switch widgets in Oracle APEX.  Unlike other page items, the switch widget is more tricky because it transforms when…
March 10, 2021

Lose Focus DA and Submit Page in Oracle APEX

This blog will show you how to get around a problem with the Lose Focus event in Oracle APEX.  It isn't as though the event doesn't fire, but in some…
February 10, 2021

Disable IG Column in Oracle APEX

This blog will show you how to disable a column in an interactive grid (IG) in Oracle APEX. Imagine a situation where we have a page that has a form…
December 8, 2020

Conditional Error Button on IG in Oracle APEX

This blog will teach you how to conditionally render an error button on an Interactive Grid (IG) in Oracle APEX. To review some of the techniques used and learn about…
December 1, 2020

Conditionally Change Select List Color in Oracle APEX

This blog will teach you how to conditionally change the background color of a select list in Oracle APEX.  We will be focusing on a select list and changing the…
November 19, 2020

Cascading LOV with a Popup in Oracle APEX

This blog will teach you how to create a cascading list of values (LOV) using Shared Components of Oracle APEX. After that, we will show you how to implement the cascading…
November 12, 2020

Randomize an Oracle APEX Login Page Background

This is a blog post about customizing the background of an Oracle APEX login page so that it doesn't appear so static. We will show you how to randomize background…
APEXGuest ContributorITTechnical
October 29, 2020

Centralizing List of Values (LOVs) in Oracle APEX

Oracle Application Express (APEX) allows developers numerous of ways to make use of List of Values (LOVs). These LOVs are often defined in the moment while the form is being…
October 22, 2020

Oracle APEX JS Confirm and PL/SQL Dynamic Action

This blog is about how to use an Oracle APEX Dynamic Action to display a JavaScript (JS) confirm message and then run a subsequent PL/SQL block if confirmed. Example Scenario…
October 15, 2020

Dynamic LOV with a Subquery in Oracle APEX

A dynamic List of Values (LOV) in Oracle APEX is used to fetch data that will be in a constant state of change.  For this blog, we will be examining…
September 30, 2020

Oracle APEX Application Import – Error Processing

This blog is about the "error processing condition" message that can occur when trying to import an Oracle APEX application in your workspace.  More likely than not, the cause of…
AnnouncementsAPEXBusinessCase StudiesCase StudiesIT
September 21, 2020

Oracle APEX and Nonprofits – House of Charity

This blog is about how Traust created an Oracle APEX app for the House of Charity nonprofit.  It is also about how other nonprofits could benefit from affordable technological solutions…
APEXCase StudiesTechnical
September 10, 2020

Diving into Master Detail Pages with APEX

Related Tables This blog will give an overview of a recent experience with creating a Master Detail page in Oracle APEX.  For a new application, I had to create a…
APEXCase StudiesFeaturedFood for thoughtInterviews
September 2, 2020

Oracle APEX Journey of Andrew Schultz: Part 2

The Journey Continues Part 1 of my Oracle APEX journey ended on a cliffhanger.  Part 2 will conclude my first project in Oracle APEX. If you need a refresher on…
APEXCase StudiesFeaturedFood for thoughtInterviews
August 26, 2020

Oracle APEX Journey of Andrew Schultz: Part 1

Mission Start My Oracle APEX journey started in 2008 when I was still an undergraduate in college.  One day after class, the professor approached me and suggested I apply for…
August 12, 2020

APEX Beginners Guide: Build a Quick App

Oracle APEX beginners can find their first project on their own to be a daunting task. In my previous post, "Five Things to Love About Oracle APEX," I ended with…
August 6, 2020

Five Things to Love About Oracle APEX

This is my story of five things that I love about APEX, and a real-world example of how they helped me build my first production APEX application. The first three…
July 28, 2020

Luke Rohde Joins the Traust Team

Traust is very excited to announce the addition of Luke Rohde to the team. Luke is a recent graduate of Prime Digital Academy, where he developed a strong full-stack skill…
July 23, 2020

Oracle APEX Dynamic Action on a List View Element

The List Views in Oracle APEX look fantastic, but it would be nice to extend the functionality of them by adding a Dynamic Action when an item is clicked.  To…
June 29, 2020

Luke Rohde’s Experience Learning Oracle APEX

One year ago, I made a major life change to leave a job I was happy with, and at a company that I loved.  That decision led me to pursue…
June 24, 2020

Oracle APEX Page isn’t Available Error

Oracle APEX introduced the friendly URLs feature in APEX 20.1. If you are not careful with your page naming conventions, this feature can cause a page rendering error of:  “Sorry,…
APEXITIT SecurityTechnicalTechnical
June 2, 2020

Set Value without Violating Session State Protection in Oracle APEX

Oracle APEX has built-in security that is incredible at preventing different unauthorized manipulation attacks. The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks, but there are some circumstances where it is necessary to…
May 12, 2020

Wish List of Improvements for Public-Facing Oracle APEX Sites

The release of Oracle APEX 20.1 once again delivered a treasure trove of improvements for developers to make use of. I believe that the friendly URLs feature of 20.1 is…
Terminal Command LogoAPEXTechnical
April 15, 2020

Oracle APEX Image Errors After an Upgrade

Common errors can occur when upgrading to a different Oracle APEX version.  Problems can range from JavaScript errors to images not loading properly.  There are guides from various sources to…
April 2, 2020

Oracle APEX Simple Login Page Theming

If somehow or someway, the job of theming content has fallen to you. Theming content is generally reserved for the more creative types, but if you don’t have the luxury…
oracle consulting napkin mapAPEXTechnical
March 4, 2020

Oracle APEX Version Control from SQL Developer

Though APEX Export commands have existed for years, I feel that the more recent added options have gone somewhat unnoticed.  If you’ve never attempted to do standard version control in…
February 4, 2020

Oracle APEX – Quick SQL Primary Key Generator

Quick SQL in Oracle APEX is a wonderful tool that helps to generate SQL with shorthand syntax.  This blog highlights one minor change to the option of generating primary keys…
brainstorming oracle reports traust consultingAPEXFood for thought
January 28, 2020

It’s Good to Get Your Hands Dirty: The Power of Hands-on-Labs

In the fast-paced world we live in, it’s rather overbearing to read about all of the different products available for our consumption. Not only is there much of the same, but frequently…
traust twin cities round table meetingAPEXITOracleTechnical
January 7, 2020

Create Dynamic Links for Interactive Reports in Oracle APEX

For the moment, Dynamic Actions aren’t directly integrated with Interactive Reports or Interactive Grids.  That can be problematic when you want to display dynamic content that will: Hide/Show depending on…
people meeting project oracleAPEXBusinessEnterprise MobilityTechnical
December 3, 2019

Universal Buy-In with Data Visualization in Oracle APEX

One of the many reasons that spreadsheets are still heavily used in organizations across the spectrum is that it is a technology that allows end users to remain in control. …
brainstorming oracle reports traust consultingAPEXEnterprise Mobility
November 26, 2019

How Oracle APEX Can Help You Replace Old Spreadsheets

If you’ve been following our blog recently, you’ve noticed how passionate we are about Oracle APEX and all of its robust qualities and features. While it can serve in several domains, it’s easiest application of use is…
pen and paper oracleAPEXBusinessEnterprise Mobility
November 12, 2019

Getting Started with APEX – Part II

Welcome to Part II of Traust’s ‘Getting Started with APEX’ series. After reading part one of this series, we assume you’ve completed some follow-up research and you’ve decided that APEX…
typing on computer ebs functional consultantAPEXTechnical
November 5, 2019

Managing the First Schema Provisioned in APEX

If you just wanted to create/assign a different schema to a workspace in APEX, that is easy to do, and there are plenty of resources to find that answer. However,…
traust mn data visualizationAPEXEnterprise MobilityIT
October 30, 2019

Taking the First Step(s) to Adopting Oracle APEX

The buzzword has been flying around in the Twin Cities, especially, about the APEX technology that is included with every Oracle Enterprise Database. You’re in either one of two camps:…
pen and paper oracleAPEXTechnical
October 1, 2019

Working with Checkbox Lists and Lookup Tables in Oracle APEX

For this example, I will show you how to work with colon separated lists created from using checkboxes in Oracle APEX. This is a solution for when your checkbox can…
oracle rlm tech in hardhatAPEXITTechnical
September 24, 2019

User Self-Registration in Oracle APEX: Using the Application Express Accounts Authentication Scheme

Self-Registration in Oracle APEX is not terribly common because most use cases involve users being managed by LDAP, database accounts, or single sign-on. When the above are not the case,…
traust mn data visualizationAPEXBusinessEnterprise MobilityIT
September 18, 2019

Oracle Forms: Expectations vs Reality

For those of us who live and breathe ERP, talking about Oracle can bring up many pain points and PTSD around the laborious hours it took to get it up…
oracle forms network cablesAPEXBusinessEnterprise MobilityIT
September 13, 2019

APEX + Autonomous

In Oracle’s June 2019 announcement, the company revealed that its flagship IaaS product, Autonomous Database, would now include APEX. As Oracle competes with Microsoft Azure, AWS, and industry-focused solutions for…

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