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Traust is very excited to announce the addition of Luke Rohde to the team. Luke is a recent graduate of Prime Digital Academy, where he developed a strong full-stack skill set before spending the past several months leading development projects for organizations around the Twin Cities.

While Luke will primarily be focused on developing and supporting Oracle APEX applications for Traust clients, he will bring a holistic and diverse perspective when building technical solutions.

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What Brought You to Traust?

I am a retired musician and bartender. I made the choice to take up a new career recently, and attended a local school learning full-stack engineering. After graduation I was approached about a couple of contract opportunities where I met Chris Nelson of Traust.

I can’t speak for Chris, but the connection I felt with him and the company was undeniable. It felt like a great fit from our first meeting. I really appreciate the work Traust does and the humility and professionalism with which the entire company goes about their business. I still play music and tend bar for my family at home on weekends.

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What Encouraged You to Enter the IT field?

When I decided to make a shift in professional life, I sought out many personal hobbies and interests to find work that I would enjoy. Several of my friends involved in the tech industry quickly told me that all of those were wrong and that I was built to be a developer. Who knew they could be so right? The parts of the job I enjoy most are user interface design, data handling, web-accessibility, and the dopamine hit I receive when the thing I’m working does exactly what I want it to do.

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What Do You Like About APEX?  Are There Any Gaps in APEX Relative to Other Technologies?

APEX has been wonderful. I really enjoy how powerful it is when creating a self-contained application based on a few simple SQL commands. The gaps that I see are minimal and always improving with time. When building those applications, APEX sometimes guesses incorrectly and gives you something you don’t need or misses something you do need, but it’s uncanny how accurate it anticipates what a developer is trying to do.

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What Do You Like to Do in Your Free Time?

I am an avid indoors person and I enjoy classic cinema, literary post-modern fiction, beers of all styles, and being in the same room as my spouse and dog. My dog’s first name is ‘Scout’. Stay tuned for his middle name…

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