Invisible Giants Podcast Series

We want to highlight the stories of Minnesota’s unheralded business leaders. There are countless individuals out there that are constantly doing their part to better their organization or their community, and they deserve credit for doing so. From the corporate project manager, to the newest entrepreneur with a solid idea – we want to bring you the stories of how they are changing their environments and ecosystems. Listen to learn more about these Invisible Giants!

Episode 1 – Shawntan Howell
Founder & CEO of Girls are Powerful Organization

Episode 1 of Invisible Giants is focused on the work of Shawntan Howell and her organization, Girls are Powerful. This organization seeks to instill positive values into the lives of young girls in the Twin Cities Community.

From her experience in a corporate position to her daughter’s experiences as a growing kid, Shawntan felt the need to create an organization that helps remind girls and women that they are unique, kind, determined, and beautiful. Her organization has helped shape the lives of many young girls in the Twin Cities, which certainly makes her one of Minnesota’s Invisible Giants.

Listen to learn more about her story and this amazing organization!

Episode 2 – Phil Hanson
CEO of Queue-It

Episode 2 of Invisible Giants is focused on Phil Hanson, the CEO of Queue-It, Inc and how his journey from US to Denmark and back to the US evolved and transformed the organization. Queue-It is a virtual waiting room platform that prevents website and mobile app overload and protects your online business, while providing a fair user experience.

Since returning to the United States a few years ago, Phil tells his story of establishing a growing team of Queue-It in North America. Since it’s founding in Copenhagen, this organization has focused on successful years of growth and commitment to their industry.

Listen to learn more about both Phil & Queue-It’s story and how, together, they have shaped the Twin Cities’ community.