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Mobile technology is quickly infiltrating every aspect of our lives, and we can now manage finances, investments, home security, and other sensitive tasks on our smartphones. But in the workplace, there is a common frustration: mobile solutions for employees lag far behind consumer apps. Isn’t it time enterprise mobile solutions offered similar functionality and security?

Traust’s newest line of business, enterprise mobile solutions, is responding to this need. We’re enabling corporations to create mobile solutions tied to backend ERP environments, which empowers employees to complete routine, everyday tasks on mobile devices in or outside the office. Using a turnkey solution, we combine your tools, skill sets, and services into a single source, offered at a price that makes sense. From custom and branded high-end design user interfaces to best-in-class integrations and security, Traust is addressing your enterprise mobility needs.

Traust is excited to embark on this new line of business. See more here or contact us today.