Traust is your partner from the start.

We can advise you every step of the way to make sure you are taking full advantage of your ERP investment.

Traust Executive Advisement Services in Minnesota


Major IT initiatives like ERP projects and upgrades can be daunting and a significant strain on any department and its resources. We empathize with your situation.
For years, Traust has partnered with organizations all over the world to ease the challenges of taking on these tasks. Our advisory teams can listen to your story and offer insight to items you can expect and need to plan for. We’ll also collaborate to ensure you have the right knowledge base to guarantee success.
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“The long-term partnerships that Traust chooses to invest in as part of their business model is what makes their advisement services so powerful.”

Health Checks for ERP and IT, Consultants MN, Traust


Managing the daily operational challenges of your enterprise IT solutions can consume your support resources and leave items like maintenance and enhancements on the back burner. Your company invested significant resources into your ERP solution and your business partners expect it to keep up with the growing needs of the organization.
Through small, periodic health checks, we take care of the maintenance required to keep Oracle working efficiently. Our comprehensive subject matter expertise allows us to effectively assess pain points and analyze business processes, identifying opportunities for efficiencies beneficial to the whole organization.
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