About Our Company

Since 2001, Traust has helped organizations implement and embrace technology that makes business more efficient, productive, and profitable. We specialize in driving innovation for your most critical enterprise IT initiatives.

The Traust Difference

The talented people of Traust deliver technology solutions and outcomes that make businesses work better. And when it comes to managing enterprise class IT solutions, we know that technical expertise is just the beginning. What sets Traust apart is the way we learn about your business — before making any recommendations. We take time up front to understand your priorities, your people, and your pain points. This ensures we can support and guide your team on the best path forward from day one.

Here are a few of the things that make us unique:

We focus on backend operations.

We’re passionate about helping organizations improve results. But we’re not a digital marketing agency or website developer. We work with you to build and employ back-office technology to work better and effectively utilize data to drive business.

We’re not a software reseller.

We don’t get kickbacks from the solutions we implement, so we’re not motivated to simply add more modules to your system. Instead, we use thoughtful exploration and existing tools wherever possible to solve business problems and accelerate growth.

We elevate process over tools.

We believe success is rarely due to technology alone. Most often, business success is a result of implementing the right processes and training an engaged staff. That’s why we focus creating tools that support proven processes for achieving results.

Traust evaluated our financials application and helped us move forward. We chose Traust because they’re local, and when we worked with them before they demonstrated the knowledge of the Oracle applications and understood our business.

Joan StevensDirector of IT, Phillips Distilling Company

We were going through an ERP upgrade and it didn’t go well. We called Traust and they were here to help us right away—they made sure our transition to Oracle was a success.

Bob WeilCFO, Restaurant Technologies

[Traust] really took the time to sit down and listen to what our experiences had been in the past and why we needed a new system.

Geoff MeyerHousing Services Director, House of Charity

Our Core Values

  1. Trust is our cornerstone.
  2. Delivering value is at the heart of our relationships.
  3. Asking better questions is the key to innovation.
  4. Execution sets us apart.
  5. Continuous improvement is critical to growth.
  6. Community engagement is our responsibility.

At Traust, we exist to deliver innovative solutions for critical enterprise IT initiatives through thoughtful exploration and tailored process evolution. Our core values drive both what we do and how we do it.

Our Leadership

We are a company of peers – seasoned professionals with proven track records, united by our desire to solve complex problems. Together, we push Traust to be a catalyst for growth — leading clients, markets, and our communities forward through down-to-earth leadership and delivery excellence.

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Danita Peterson, Director of Human Resources & Communications

Danita Peterson

Director of People & Culture

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Chris Nelson, Oracle Practice Director & Chief Solutions Architect

Chris Nelson

Chief Solutions Architect

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Michael Lord, Financial Specialist

Michael Lord

Finance Specialist

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Brock Ray, Director of Marketing & Creative

Brock Ray

Director of Marketing & Creative

Featured Consultants

Our consultants are the masters of their trade and bring immense value to our clients. Ask us how we can help your team improve your business, operate more efficiently, and achieve a positive return on investment. These are just a few of the technology and business experts we work with every day.

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Sri Varanasi, Sr. Oracle Developer

Sri Varanasi

Senior Oracle Developer

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Luke Rohde, Oracle APEX Developer

Luke Rohde

Oracle APEX Developer

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Andrew Schultz, Oracle Developer & APEX Specialist

Andrew Schultz

Sr. Oracle Developer & APEX Specialist

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Vaibhav Patankar, Sr. Oracle Developer

Vaibhav Patankar

Senior Oracle Developer

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Venkat Kotla, Senior Oracle Developer

Venkat Kotla

Senior Oracle Developer

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Rupendranath Alle, Sr. Oracle Financials Business Analyst

Rupendranath Alle

Senior Oracle Financials Business Analyst

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Dave Dornfeld, Senior Oracle Business Analyst

Dave Dornfeld

Senior Oracle Business Analyst

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Ravi Cholleti, Senior Oracle Cloud Financials Analyst

Ravi Cholleti

Senior Oracle Cloud Financials Analyst

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